Red Flag Report

Service Description

Quintas Energy’s Red Flag reports are designed to be an economic but effective aid for busy M&A teams that need assistance on a broad range of legal, accounting and technical matters.

QE Red Flag Reports help to assess quickly, with an experienced manager’s eye for detail, operational contracts, insurance terms and coverage, equipment warranties, leases and easements, permits, recommended inputs to Sales Purchase Agreements and a review of information on regulatory portals against project documentation.


The purpose of Quintas Energy’s Red Flag Report is to highlight key issues or risks identified during the review of documentation and information, as well as any potential short-term or long-term threats to operations. This review can be applied at different levels, from a general review of project documentation, to the level of individual contract reviews.

Main Features
  • QE Red Flag Report
  • Risk-based assessment
  • Unbiased approach to clients’ projects
  • Technical expertise
  • Proven track-record in closing
  • Advisory expertise in renewable energy
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