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Spreadsheet-based modelling can provide investors with flexible and reliable tools to help make informed decisions.

When it comes to creating financial models, often third-party vendors who do not fully understand the energy sector use tools that suffer from a lack of quality, robustness, security and reliability. This could have a severe impact on the quality of decision-making if the tools and financial models do not meet the minimum level of expertise to provide valuable data about the assets or the portfolios that they relate to.


Quintas Energy through its vast experience provides its clients with the option of building bespoke financial models specifically suited to any kind of renewable investment or project. To do that, Quintas offers a flexible, accurate and easy-to-use Financial Model, with clear insights designed to deliver tangible investment benefits.

Service Main Features
  • Multi-skilled approach
  • Financial and technical background
  • Bespoke QE Financial Model
  • Competitive pricing
  • Proven track-record in renewable energy
  • Easy-to-use & understand

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