Expert Aerial Inspection

Service Description

Drones can replace traditional, labour-intensive tasks & provide value across the complete lifespan of a solar asset, from its initial planning and design to its ongoing maintenance.

Aerial based inspection is the basis for precise verification of power performance and warranty claims. Using drones to replace the field walks, visual inspections and handheld thermal inspections saves large amounts of time and enables the client’s field teams to spend time on other higher-value tasks. Expert aerial inspections are an effective tool that complements the rest of Quintas Energy’s Specialist and Asset Management services, which are all oriented to assess the quality and operational health of solar assets.


This service is also an efficient tool to check project progress during the construction period. It ensures that all milestones are being completed according to the contract schedule, removing the necessity for the client to physically attend the site.

By combining Expert Aerial Inspection with the rest of Quintas Energy’s Asset Management services, drones can help to reduce time in the field and labour costs associated with the construction, commissioning and operational phases of the asset.

Main Features
  • QE Ariadne Drones Dashboard
  • Geolocated site’s map
  • Site layout adaptation to real-life map
  • Full-resolution imagery
  • Cost-effective and remote construction progression tests
  • Thermographic inspections
  • 3-D modelling alternatives
  • Complementary tool for other QE Services
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Service Outputs

Quintas Energy offers direct access to QE Ariadne web portal to its clients, where they can consult all the results from the drones inspections deployed at each of their sites. This allows to precisely detect the errors found during the aerial inspections and strengthen other services, such as the Site Visits or the complete Asset Management of the site.

QE Ariadne – Expert Aerial Inspection Site Report


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