Energy Yield Assessments

Service Description

QE Energy Yield Assessment reports include simulations that can be performed using different probabilistic scenarios during the development of a plant. This aims to ensure that organizations bankrolling solar projects can accurately determine the level of risk of the investments. Based on these independent assessments produced by Quintas, assets’ designs can be optimised by employing different technologies and components.


Based on Quintas Energy’s simulations using best-industry software, the Energy Yield Assessment reports are a valuable output to implement changes to plants’ designs, which in the end will potentially result in better asset performance.

Service Main Features
  • QE Energy Yield Assessments Report
  • Independent and unbiased experience
  • Full insights to ease the bankroll of renewable energy projects
  • Financial, Technical and Legal sector expertise
  • Competitive costing when combined with additional QE’s services
  • Plant design review & consulting insights (if required)

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