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There are four kinds of assets that must be managed in a clean energy portfolio – Energy, Financial, Physical and Data. Quintas Energy’s multidisciplinary approach through its Engineering, Accounting, Legal and IT departments makes it possible to control its core services, which together are the basis for comprehensive asset management. Asset Management is the effective coordination of processes in line with strategic objectives. Quintas Energy understands the assets as if they were its own.

Quintas Energy’s Asset Management services are sourced from a qualified, experienced team operating in a data-rich environment across multiple markets.


First-hand experience of best practices, incident resolution and industry standards are a valuable resource when it comes to decision-making. Armed with data from the backoffice structure to assess every situation, Asset Management is a daily battle to reconcile practicalities with strategic objectives.

Quintas Energy is the only independent asset manager in the world accredited under ISO 55001 Asset Management standard. This could only be achieved by the delivering of an unprecedented set of Asset Management and Specialised services to highly demanding clients.

Main Features
  • Only asset manager in the market certified under ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard
  • QEConnect own ERP system accessible to clients
  • QE Ariadne Monthly Asset Management Report
  • Assets’ performance live overview
  • Complete and detailed incidents audit trail
  • Periodic strategic calls to share outcomes & recommendations
  • Quarterly internal Risk Committees to assess main issues or relevant subjects
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Service Outputs

Through periodical client meetings and the daily management of each asset, Quintas Energy can offer an Asset Management bespoke service to ensure that all actions taken are comprehensive and adapted to the specific needs of each investment project. This can be done at site and even portfolio level.

QE Ariadne Monthly Asset Management Report

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