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Service Description

Direct and real-time control of a renewable asset is key to achieving its optimum performance and to meeting investors’ objectives.

24/7 live Monitoring is essential to make better decisions and initiate quicker responses to unforeseen situations that can bring down plant performance or increase the project’s risk exposure. The 24/7 services are a proactive approach to asset management which improves the control of the asset and limits underperformance.


Quintas Energy’s Control Room is remotely connected to the assets by SCADA, which provides remote monitoring and reporting. The 24/7 services are a significant reinforcement for Business Intelligence reports, which focus on providing Quintas’ stakeholders with the best visualisations of the assets’ data.

Service Main Features
  • QE Ariadne 24/7 Services Dashboard
  • Remote operation and management via SCADA
  • Trading Strategy support
  • Real-time incidents ticketing
  • English-spoken and expert personnel
  • Notification of incidents to operator and interest parties
  • Management of outages and operation of remote
    connection and disconnection
  • AEMO support for Australian clients (management of bid submissions, operational compliance requirements and power price reporting)

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Service Outputs

Quintas Energy’s Control Room operates as a 24-hour control centre which enables clients to maintain a full and continued oversight on their projects’ performance. Quintas Energy logs tickets and incidents, proactively track and monitors them until resolved. Experienced, qualified and highly skilled operators allow clients to make informed decisions based on a deep and updated status of their portfolio.


Quintas Energy 24/7 Control Room 





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