Energy Strategy Support Tool

Fast, accurate decisions from centralised data access.


  • Data is heterogeneous. It comes from multiple sources in different formats.
  • Energy markets are complex. Multiple energy prices and different contractual specifications for each asset in the portfolio.
  • Portfolios are complex and scattered. Multiple countries, contractors, markets and technologies.
  • Reporting pressure increases. Data consolidation takes time and delivery pressure increases over time.
  • Portfolios should be compared against different financial model scenarios. Different stakeholders with different reporting expectations.
  • Reporting systems are inflexible. Aggregation and filtering at different levels across different time periods takes time.
  • Team relies on Microsoft Excel as a database for historical data.


  • Governed data collection and storage. Data is collected, standardised and stored from multiple sources.
  • Daily updates. Our data collectors provide daily data updates, consolidation and aggregation at multiple levels.
  • Digitisation of energy sales contract specifications. Digitising contractual specifications allowing for automatic production translation into revenues.
  • Flexible reporting system. Advanced reporting capabilities allowing customised KPI calculation and visualisation, dynamic filtering, and stratification.
  • Easy comparison with multiple financial model scenarios. Portfolio variances explanation.
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