Quintas Energy’s service modules mean that Clients get the service that they need and the resources that complement their own.

QUINTAS ENERGY, à la carte

All of Quintas Energy’s Services are detailed in a Scope of Work that is annexed to this presentation. The Scope is broken down into three Modules – Accounts & Finance (A), Engineering (B) and Legal (C). A personalised Service Package can be created entirely à la carte selecting specific items from any or all of the Modules. All service items are grouped in their respective Modules into Grades from 1 to 3 in line with the training and qualifications of the Quintas Energy employee who will be responsible for delivering the work. Each module is supported by a standard IT solution.


Modules Quintas Energy

Efficiencies and Gains arise in the intersections of the Venn diagram. For example, intersection A+B facilitates the reconciliation of net production in kWh with accrued revenues in the accounts; intersection A+C facilitates loan compliance and the resolution of incidents with offtakers; intersection B+C facilitates the management of contractor underperformance with strong legal support for formal notifications and dealing with disputes, remedies, damages and termination. Combining all three modules permits greater control over portfolios and gives rise to comprehensive management and IT solutions.


After a Service Package has been contracted, clients may order additional services outside the package at agreed daily or hourly rates. Additional services in a Module where the Grade 1 items have been contracted will be provided AS NEEDED at a discount to the agreed rates as Quintas Energy already has the data that it needs. Otherwise, services will be provided on an ON DEMAND basis at the agreed daily or hourly rates.