Management Team

Managing Director

Declan O'Halloran

A constant theme in Declan’s career as a serial entrepreneur has been the creation of strong administrative resources as a platform for controlled expansion, effective management of complex organisations and constant improvement of systems and procedures. Since founding Quintas Energy in 2008, Declan has not only managed its growth across five renewable energy markets but has simultaneously facilitated the controlled growth of its clients’ portfolios. Declan’s experience in the development and management of solar energy assets in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and the USA has given him a comprehensive view of the sector’s challenges. As a result, Quintas Energy’s services accurately address the needs of renewable energy investors.

Declan holds a BA and MA in European Studies and is fluent in several languages. Declan runs Quintas Energy from its London office in Canary Wharf.

Declan O´Halloran - Quintas Energy
Aida Durnes - Quintas Energy
Group Head of Operations

Aida Durnes

Aida Durnes joined Quintas Energy in 2009 and brings over fifteen years of experience as a legal professional, seven of which had special focus in renewable energy. Prior to Quintas, she oversaw the legal department of a construction company in the Spanish solar sector where she focused mainly on the development and financing of PV projects. At Quintas, she initially took responsibility for the legal management of the Spanish, Italian, French and UK Portfolios but her broad overview of the company’s activities led to the more strategic role of Group Head of Operations. From that position she oversees the operations of the company focusing on processes, risk control, compliance, reporting and service level standards. She runs the monthly Operations Committee that coordinates the work of the engineering, legal and accounting teams and ensures that they are all operating in line with established procedures.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Aida is based in Quintas Energy's Seville office.

Head of Engineering

Irene Reyes

As Head of the Engineering Department, Irene is responsible for managing incidents in Quintas Energy’s assets under management and ensuring that all corrective and preventive actions are undertaken correctly. Working closely with the legal and financial departments, Irene oversees the analysis of all plant and contractor performance.

Irene is a qualified electrical engineer majoring in renewable energy system and is a member of the College of Industrial Engineers of West Andalusia. Fluent in English and Spanish, she works from the Seville office.

Irene Reyes - Quintas Energy
Jane Kilpatrick - Quintas Energy
Head of Finance

Jane Kilpatrick

Jane Kilpatrick is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience having previously worked for PwC and Cargill. As Head of Accounting, she oversees all accounting policies and procedures across the company and ensures that the various accounting teams are producing timely, accurate reports to Quintas Energy’s clients.

Jane also oversees all billing, PPA, payments, treasury and financial processes with SOX level controls and procedures that facilitate audits and genuine transparency for investors and stakeholders.

Head of IT

Laury Behrens

Laury joined the Quintas Energy management team in 2016. With over two decades of experience as a change agent, she anticipates and initiates IT transformation by combining people, process and technology to deliver value to the business. She leads the IT strategy and corporate projects by working closing with the entire Quintas Energy team and clients to anticipate and initiate digital transformation.

Laury holds BAs in Computer Information Systems and Finance and MAs in Telecommunications and Blockchain. She is certified as an ITIL Master, Product Owner and ScrumMaster.

Laury Behrens - Quintas Energy
Julia Obermöller - Quintas Energy
Head of UK Legal Division

Julia Obermöller

Julia Obermöller studied German and French law and holds a Master’s degree in International Law from Barcelona University. Fluent in Spanish, English, French and German, she has worked since 2008 in the solar energy sector specializing in contractual compliance of PV solar projects, portfolio management, quality and standards, and operating procedures.

In the past, she has worked on the corporate structuring of solar energy investments in Spain, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom. She has designed and implemented incident and compliance procedures for solar farms, obtaining ISO:9001 accreditation for the company in “Consultancy and Management of Solar Energy Investments”.

Since 2013, she has focused on legal asset management for UK solar projects and the creation of both the necessary structures and procedures to ensure correct onboarding as well as the efficient ongoing controls around the contractual and regulatory obligations of the SPVs. Julia’s leadership in updating and redefining the standard for best practice in legal asset management protects operating assets and makes her an important part of Quintas Energy’s advisory services.