As portfolios grow, so does the volume of data, cash flow, documents, incidents and processes to be controlled. True control of a portfolio starts here.

Asset Management

asset management

A manager is always working to secure the best outcome whether it is to minimise a cost, maximise a gain, mitigate a risk or realise an opportunity. Armed with data from the backoffice to assess every situation, Asset Management is a daily battle to reconcile practicalities with strategic objectives.



Quintas Energy’s advisory services come from a qualified, experienced team operating in a data rich environment across multiple markets. First-hand experience of best practices, incident resolution and industry standards is a valuable resource for decision-makers.

IT Solutions

it solutions

Quintas Energy’s services include an IT solution to manage the data flows across clients’ portfolios. Our in-house IT team can create additional IT solutions personalised to each client’s requirements.


Total Power

Backoffice and Management


Total Installations

Managing over 330 sites across Europe and the USA



Commercial, Financial, Legal, Engineering, IT and Advisory

What makes Quintas Energy a leader in its sector?



Founded in 2008, Quintas Energy provides its comprehensive services to more installed power across more markets than any other company in our sector.



The average lifespan of the assets we manage is 20+ years and so Quintas Energy believes that an Asset Management company must be designed and built to be stable in nature. For this reason, Quintas Energy operates with low to no debt, invests in its long term goals and promotes high staff retention in an essentially employee-driven company.



Quintas Energy is a private company with an 150+ in-house team of engineers, accountants, lawyers, IT and other professionals. The advantages of having a great team on payroll are that it promotes a mutual commitment to succeeding together and unity of purpose. It also ensures that the value of experience, learning and training is retained as far as possible within the company.
The independence that this gives us permits both unbiased work and an uncompromising attitude to confidentiality. Quintas Energy is protected in this way as no one it works for, manages or supervises has a shareholding or controlling interest in the company.


Focus & Constant Improvement

Focus is the basis for improvement and excellence. Quintas Energy’s exclusive mission is to become the global leader in renewable energy Asset Management. All available resources are dedicated to this end. Quintas Energy has no stake or controlling interest in any fund, EPC, OEM, O&M, Technical Advisor, Broker or similar figure in the renewable energy sector. This identifies us clearly in the market and forces us to strive for excellence in the core services we offer.


Our Clients, Our People, Our Purpose

Quintas Energy has a strong sense of purpose. We know that our job is to make renewable energy portfolios manageable and open the door to investors to achieve more thanks to the platform we have created. Our long term view means that we have time to listen to the people who know most about the sector – our clients and our people.


Organization & Control Environment

The combined advantage of Focus and Independence is that Quintas Energy is free to organise its team and processes precisely as needed to achieve its objectives.

Quintas Energy provides specialist backoffice and asset management services to investors in
the renewable energy sector. Our understanding of renewable energy in the countries where we
are active, combined with our unique engineering, accounting, legal, ICT and advisory skillset, are
at their service to create value through superior management and provide assurance through
timely, accurate reporting.

Building the Service Package you need

the Assets

Everything depends on understanding the assets; their characteristics, their requirements, how they are owned, their base cases, their principal contractors and how Quintas Energy can bring its expertise to bear on them.

Service Modules
& Grades

Our Scope of Work is divided into Modules and Grades so that owners can identify quickly the type and level of support that their portfolio needs.

Onboarding Requirements

These are the documents, data, authorisations and details without which service cannot commence correctly.


How often should service items be carried out and what are their deadlines?

Reporting, Analysis, Business Intelligence

This defines the scope, detail, format and content of Quintas Energy’s output to Owners.

Service Level Standards

Service Level Standards define the quality and delivery of each service item of our Modules.

IT Infrastructure

IT is not just about the resources that Quintas Energy uses to support and protect Owner data but how we engage with the Owner’s IT infrastructure, plans and requirements.

Control Environment

Our aim is to make Quintas Energy’s control environment part of the Owner’s control environment, ensuring that all communication, reporting and oversight is effective and cost efficient.


The legal responsibility that Quintas Energy takes for the correct provision of its services must be in line with the Service Package that is tailored for each Owner.

Contract Duration

Apart from combining Modules, the principal drivers of Efficiencies & Gains are Volume and Contract Duration with the latter being the more important.

Additional Services

AS NEEDED and ON DEMAND service fees can be agreed as part of the Service Package.

Resources & Pricing

Quintas Energy’s careful assessment of the resources that are really needed to deliver a tailored service combined with a Cost Plus pricing mechanism provides a genuinely transparent and rational price solution. This also facilitates adjustments over time as portfolios evolve.

Building the Service Package you need